Monthly Archives: March, 2016

Rise in tourists and flight options make Costa Blanca homes even hotter!

The Costa Blanca continues to spearhead Spain’s tourism and foreign property sales, attracting new low-cost fligths to Alicante and contributing to record tourist numbers in 2016 . The beginning of 2016 saw Spain break yet another tourism record, welcoming 3.5 million international visitors just in January, traditionally one of the...

Posted on 24 March 2016

Balearic Islands blistering ahead in Spanish property sales

Hunger for a home in the Balearic Islands has rebounded to levels not seen since before the crisis, according to recent figures from Spain's National Statistics Institute. An encouraging 10,605 property sales took place in 2015, the highest level since 2008 and an increase of almost 15 per cent year-on-year....

Posted on 04 March 2016

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