The healthiest climate in the world

Posted on 10 November 2016

Why do most of us feel better in warm, sunny weather than cold? According to doctors it’s a combination of several things: sunlight on our skin produces vitamin D; warm weather helps our respiratory system and eases arthritis and rheumatism; we tend to get out more and are more physical. Plus, don’t most places look nicer with some rays of sunshine bouncing off them?

The health benefits of a warm climate are proven and so is the fact that Spain is the easiest warm country to get to, with the most reasonably priced property within a short flight of the UK. While the Italian Riviera and Greek islands pack up for the winter, the planes still fly to those Spanish hotspots.

Torrevieja was singled out for praise by the WHO for its uniquely healthy micro-climate. This is also one of the most affordable places in Spain

British winters are long, dark and chilly, and most of us don’t even get the fun of snow and winter sports. So just how good is the weather in Spain once the traditional holiday season ends at the beginning of September? Well, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Costa Blanca is about the healthiest place in the world to live, thanks to its perfect year-round climate that includes an average of 320 days of sunshine. Torrevieja was singled out for praise by the WHO for its uniquely healthy micro-climate, and this is also one of the most affordable and popular places for British property buyers in Spain.

Spain isn’t always warm though, and not everywhere. The dividing line between warm winters and cold is usually taken to be around Valencia. The further south you travel, the warmer it gets. Barcelona, in the northeast, has an average temperature of 5°C to 13°C in January compared to an average of 8°C to 17°C in Malaga in the south. Three or four degrees isn’t much difference, you might think, but even such a small difference will affect your health. A study from the prestigious Centre for Environmental Risk at the University of East Anglia was meant, ironically, to prove how bad climate change would be. It measured the effect of Britain’s super-hot summer of 1995 and discovered that far from being dangerous, a 2.5 to 3°C rise in temperature dramatically raised life expectancy.

Anything southwards from the Costa Blanca North promises winter sun in a safe and friendly European destination, where you will probably live longer – what’s not to love about that!

The most southerly ski resort in Europe is just a two hour drive from Malaga airport.

You’d get bored if it was only ever warm though, and here Spain scores again. If you prefer shredding powder on your skis to lounging by the pool or on a beach, visit the Sierra Nevada Ski Station near Granada. As the most southerly ski resort in Europe it’s just a two hour drive from Malaga airport. So, if you’ve purchased a holiday home on one of the southerly coasts of Spain, it could end up being a retreat for all seasons and not just because of the sun.

Spain is the cure you need for the winter blues. Whether you choose to buy a holiday home on the Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol, you will be guaranteed prolonged sunshine and warmer temperatures throughout the year. You may also see a little snow – if you want to.

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