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Which is the best Balearic?

Our love affair with the Spanish sun extends beyond the mainland. Set in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, off the east coast of Spain, lie the Balearics. This small group of islands – five in total – are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe....

Posted on 25 January 2017

Which is better: the Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol?

The great thing about buying a holiday home or choosing a retirement location in Spain is that you can go anywhere! No need to buy near work or near your mum, as you might in the UK. But with the whole of Spain as your oyster, where to choose? Here...

Posted on 18 January 2017

Where to buy a home in Majorca

This week we look at some of the best places to live or buy a holiday home in Majorca, where you can be rubbing shoulders with royalty, or living it up in the Med's best nightlife (or possibly both at the same time!). It is an island geared up for...

Posted on 11 January 2017

Winter on the Costa del Sol that pays for itself

Suppose we could offer you winters in the warmth of Spain while making a fortune on summer rentals? If the cold and damp of the British winter gets you down, read on... If the cold snap in Britain has made you think of warm sunny winters in southern Spain, you...

Posted on 05 January 2017

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