Winter on the Costa del Sol that pays for itself

Posted on 05 January 2017

Suppose we could offer you winters in the warmth of Spain while making a fortune on summer rentals? If the cold and damp of the British winter gets you down, read on…

If the cold snap in Britain has made you think of warm sunny winters in southern Spain, you won’t be alone. Many in the north of Spain head south for a bit of warmth during these winter months too. Those Costa del Sol towns that are packed in summer can be pretty lively in winter too, especially compared to the resorts of Almeria or the Costa Brava which can be very quiet out of season.

It’s at this time when an extended viewing trip really makes sense. You can book an out of season hotel for months at a time for very little money, or a small apartment for as little as €300 per month. That means you can enjoy the warmth while taking your time to look for property and really investigate the kind of community you would like to live in.

If escaping the British winter is your primary motivation for buying in Spain, consider this scenario. Buy a home in southern Spain (anywhere south of Valencia guarantees a reasonably frost-free climate), live in it all winter, then rent it out during the summer months to holiday makers at those exorbitant summertime rental rates. A two-bedroom apartment in Marbella, for example, will rent out for between £1,000 and £2,000 in August, which is quite a little earner while you’re enjoying the British summer! Do be careful of new Spanish rentals rules, though.

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But what will you be doing in the Costa del Sol during the winter? The simple answer is, almost everything you do in the summer. Yes, even swimming in the Mediterranean (though you may get some raised eyebrows from the locals). The average sea temperature off Marbella in winter is between 16 and 20 degrees, that is warmer than the sea off the southern British coast in summer! Out of the water, there are plenty of days warm enough to be out on the golf course in your shirtsleeves, or taking the yoga class outside.

Winter is also the time to be enjoying a more traditional way of Spanish life if you fancy it. In summer everybody is too busy working, but in winter you’ll see more family-friendly fiestas (don’t miss out on the Three Kings celebrations tomorrow, 6th January, they can be spectacular!) and religious ceremonies such as the beginning of Lent or the fallas up in Valencia which are great fun.

We would love to see you in Spain this winter. The flights are so plentiful even in the depths of winter when they shut down to most “summer” countries such as Greece, so there’s really no excuse!

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