Healthcare in Spain among world’s best

Posted on 31 May 2017

We are often told never assume anything, and this appears to be particularly true when comparing the quality of healthcare in Britain and Spain. It’s natural for us to make the assumption that the good old NHS probably offers a better service than the Spanish system. After all we aren’t averse to thinking we do most things better than everyone else.  However, a global study published in The Lancet medical journal has proved otherwise.

British healthcare

The report, which rates 195 countries in terms of their quality and access to healthcare, revealed the NHS is among the worst systems in Europe. Britain didn’t even come close to making the top 10 after scoring a total of 84.6 out of 100, leaving it down in a lowly 30th position in the list alongside counties like Malta and Qatar – with a particularly low score for cancer care.

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Spanish healthcare

If you move over to Spain you will have access to a world leading health service that spends big on specialist care. Investment that helped it achieve a maximum score of 100 for its treatment of diphtheria, tetanus and measles and fall just one short of top marks when it came to maternity and respiratory treatment. An overall total of 90 saw Spain flying high in 8th position in the global rankings, not only ahead of Britain but higher than Italy (89), France (88), Germany (86) and Portugal (85).

Spain like Italy (12th), Finland (7th) and Sweden (4th) has a very similar health system to Britain; further demonstrating just how far the NHS is lagging behind some of its European neighbours. Spain is serviced by both public and private healthcare systems with free, basic care provided to residents that contribute to the Spanish social security system and their families. While around 19% of the population pays for private healthcare for use as a supplement or alternative to public care.

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you that your health will be in good hands in your new home, did you know Spain is the global leader in organ donation – carrying out more transplants per capita than any other nation in the world – and has the highest life expectancy in Europe? So sit back and relax; it’s not just the Spanish lifestyle that’s healthy, the country’s healthcare is in pretty good shape too.

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