Overseas investment in Spanish property soars

Posted on 13 September 2017

September is often an inspiring time of the year for anyone who’s been toying with the idea of buying a property in Spain. Your summer holiday to a sunny costa probably seems like a distant memory, now the temperature has started to drop and you’ve had to stick the heating on for the first time since April. This seasonal shift is often all it takes to pluck up the courage and start process of buying a home in Spain.

That’s exactly how thousands of like-minded people felt this time last year; many of whom have since been meteorologically motivated to make their overseas property dream a reality.

The prospect of another long winter contributed to British buyers joining their chilly German, Scandinavian and Russian contemporaries on viewing trips to Spain. This army of determined holiday home and expat haven hunters invested a record-breaking €888 million into the Spanish property market in the first half of 2017 – more than doubling the €330 million invested by overseas buyers during the same period last year.

A decade on from the global financial crisis and impressive figures like this demonstrate that the property market in Spain has more than just recovered from the resulting downturn in fortunes, it’s positively thriving. In fact total investment in Spanish property for 2017 is expected to exceed €1 billion.

The appeal of buying a holiday, investment or retirement home is showing no signs of waning. Now it’s your turn to take the baton and purchase a property in the Spanish sun. Throw rising property prices and increased mortgage activity into the mix and you would be forgiven for running out the office now – not before you put on your coat of course – and jumping on a budget flight to begin your search.

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