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Guide to Majorca- The largest Balearic Island

Majorca also known as Mallorca is one of the Balearic Island which is known for coves, beach resorts, Limestone Mountains and the Moorish and Roman remains. The capital town of the island is Palma which hosts the Santa Maria cathedral. Exploring Majorca is like exploring a paradise because there are plenty of breathtaking views, attractions and untouched beaches around the island. There are total 7 cities in the island but Palma is the only city where majority of the population is found. Other cities and small towns of the island include Migjorn, Pla de Mallorca, Llevant and Raiguer as they are a source of attraction for the tourists.

Top Landmarks of Majorca

Some of the top landmarks of Majorca are listed below:

  • Castell de Bellver

It is located in the North-West of the city of Palma. It is a circular castle belonging to the 14th century having round towers at the 4 sides. This unique building is located in the laps of Spain. It took 10 years to get the castle constructed on the top of the Puig de SaMesquida hills.

  • Son Morroig

Son Morroig, located in Deia, was a medieval mansion which was constructed in 1276.after its construction, it was acquired by an Austrianaristocrat in the 19th century. Today, this building is host to a museum which contains remains from the time period of Ludwig Salvator. This mansion is located above the sea level, it offers the most mesmerizing views of Majorca.

  • Valldemossa Monastery

Valldemossa Monastery located in Valldemossa is a village which was constructed on the order of King James II. He wanted to gift this palace to his Son. All the possessions from the ancient times which were transferred to the Carthusian monks are stored in this village. It is now converted into a museum which consists of the ancient collections between the 15th and the 20th century.


Like other Balearic island, Catalan is the language spoken in Majorca. The island has 2 officiallanguages which include Spanish and Catalan. The dialect of the language however differs throughout the island. The students in the island are required to be bilingual, they have to learn Spanish, Catalan and English.


The island consists of 2400 restaurants which is a combination of small bars and even large restaurants. Almonds and olives are always included in whatever food prepared. The favorite food items include saffron rice with chicken, vegetables and pork.

Best time to visit Majorca

Spring is the best time to visit the island because the beach holiday season begins in May. The early spring is quite beautiful. July and August are the hottest months so holidays during these months can be challenging. Almond trees between January and February are worth seeing across the plains and valleys of Majorca. During the off season, the flights and accommodations are cheap. It might not be the best time to lie on the beach and enjoy the warmth of the sun but the temperature would be good enough to explore the sunshine in the countryside.  Check out more details and guide to Majorca here.


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