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Traveling To Mijas, Costa Del Sol, Spain? Here Is What You Must Know

Located in the Southern Spain the amazing village of Mijas is one of the best examples of the pueblo’s balncos of Andalucia with its quaint whitewashed houses and narrow streets set in a background of pine forest. The entire village has striking views of the coast as well as the Mediterranean being over 400 meters above the sea level and it is very much possible to see a large part of the Costa del Sol that includes the Mijas Costa around 10 kilometers away.

The Historic City

The narrow cobbled streets are used by the popular donkey-drawn taxis and it is very much recommended that you make use of them to take a tour of the entire village to see the amazing historic buildings and other noteworthy sights. Tartessians basically established this village and then was used as a fortress by the Romans. In the 15th Century, the Christian military used Mijas as their headquarters and settled down in the area after the defeat of the Moors.

A Popular Tourist Destination

Mijas happens to be a renowned destination for the tourists with its population of more than 10,000 swelling in the summer months as the influx of tourists wishing to sample the old style laid back Andalucian way of life. There are several craft shops and restaurants catering for the needs of the tourists.


While you are considering exploring the village you must ensure visiting the Moorish and Roman ruins, the museums of miniatures, the Inmaculada church, the shrine of Calvario and the bullring Plaza de Torros. The open air theatre is an ideal location to watch a performance and tends to have quite a busy schedule of different events happening in summers.

The shrine of Santuario de la Virgen de la Pena has been constructed out of solid rocks and was built back in the 1586 and happens to be a tribute to the patron saint of Mijas while a vision of the Virgin appeared on the site.

The Iglesia de Santa Ana hermitage is in the Santana district of Mijas and was constructed back in the 18th century, also a worth visiting site is the Church of San Sebastian with its prominent facade.

Parks and Gardens

There are several other viewing points around the village too, and one of the most amazing ones is at the Muralla Gardens, which offers affording spectacular views of the neighboring countryside garden that bloom all year.

One other great vantage point you must see the Mijas valley and the surroundings is from the Hermitage El Puerto, which was built earlier in the 16th century by the Mercedarian monks on the hillside overlooking the village. On the hillside that is above Mijas is the Shrine of the Calvario that was built during the early 18th century, and it watches over the village.

Lodging Options

Accommodation is plentiful in and around Mijas with a wide selection of hotels, breakfast and bed establishments and a wide range of holiday rentals both in Costa del Sol and in Mijas.

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