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Exploring Torrevieja

Among the most popular towns located on the Southern Costa Blanca, Spain, Torrevieja happens to have grown a great deal during the last 25 years or so. Most of the development that has been done in the area has been due to the increasing demand for holiday homes in the sun and Torrevieja has been pushed by many  of the top real estate agents as ‘the right place to be’.

Healthiest and The Most Pleasant Place To Be In

There is obviously much to commend in the town, not only the amazing climate which travelers experience, to be precise it is an exclusive micro-climate, which has been influenced by the huge salt lake that is located to the rear of the town, the resulting Torrevieja makes it one of the most pleasant and healthiest places in the whole world to live. This fact has been stated by the World Health Organization.

Why Choose Torrevieja As Your Holiday Destination

Torrevieja happens to be a perfect option for travelers w ho like to be energetic and not just spend time at the beach, enjoying the warm waters and bathing in the sun. Being located on the seaside makes Torrevieja an ideal holiday destination for millions of tourists from all around the globe. Torrevieja means ‘old tower’; there used to be an old tower known as the Torre Vieja, which was built with the purpose of protecting the fishing village from the attacks of the brutal Berber pirates.


Torrevieja is one of those places in Spain which are full of historic places and have some great stories assoscuated to them. There is a series of different monuments that you must not miss to truly understand the real essence of the city. The churches in the city occupy a significant place when it comes to sightseeing, so you must not forget to visit the Inmaculada Conception Church or Our Lady Rosary Church, as they are superb examples of architectural styles. There are numerous museums too that you can visit, and the Albatros III Museum, the Ricardo Lafuente Museum and the Museum of Sea and Salt tops the list.

The sightseeing list continues with the amazing natural parks. Santa Pola, Las Lagunas, El Honda, and La Mata are a few of those natural parks that surely deserve a visit. All of these parks are abundant in wildlife and are surrounded by magnificent landscapes that will surely impress you and give you a feeling that you must visit them once more in your life.

The Tower of Cape Cervera is another imperative sight that should not be missed while you are in Torrevieja. Last but not the least; you need to ensure that you must visit Torrevieja’s salted lakes as well as enjoy the Torrevieja sun and its breathtaking beaches for at least a few hours.

A lot Of Fun Awaits You In Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a place where travelers get to enjoy a wide range of restaurants with different kinds of Spanish cusines to choose from and great god clubs and bars, so there are a lot of opportunities for fun and enjoyments while you are in Torrevieja with your family and friends.

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