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La Villajoyosa, Spain – The Tiny Houses, Lots of Chocolate and The Fishermen

La Villajoyosa situated on the river Sella just along the coast from the more renowned town of Benidorm in Spain’s’ Costa Blanca region. The route that is taken between these two towns is filled with almond, carob and olive trees along with many pine, palm and prickly pear trees. At approximately 10 kilometers distance, locals of the town say that they are close enough to Benidorm but merely far enough away!

The Tiny Houses

The tiny houses in the area are painted in gaudy, bright colors which once aided returning fishermen find their way home, crowd along one half of the seafront of this once small fishing village which stretches along a wide sandy beach with a small harbor at one end.

A large number of building in the town already depict its historic past and sights like the Roman bridges, and the amazing Gothic church whose doorway provides an entrance to the old walled town center as well as a 16th century watchtower which was utilized to give warnings of raids from Berber pirates are all not be missed at all. The busting market held in the old town center has several stalls selling all kinds of locally made artifacts, and has lately been declared a site of historical interest.

More recently the town earned its income from fishing and, unexpectedly enough, the production of chocolate. The chocolate museum in the area is a ‘must visit’ place where you will be able to taste the delicious samples of the local delicacy.

Villajoyosa and Its Amazing Beaches

Villajoyosa is a term that means ‘joyful or happy’ town and it is really not hard to see why it is so. With 3.5 kilometers of beaches that vary from gravel inlets and small sand, which are used for naturism and diving, to the stretches of fine sand on Centro beach with amazing playgrounds and sports areas for children, running parallel to the promenade. One other noteworthy beach is the El Paradis beach, which is quite popular for the Moorish landings and is celebrated, and the Xarco beach with its watchtower as well as the Torres beach that has a Roman Hercules tower.

The Enchanting Town

With the amazing myriad of colors adoring the hours along with the pleasant follower-covered balconies, Villajoyosa happens to be an enchanting town, which welcomes a large number of visitors every year who stroll down the narrow streets that lead from the church square to the sea.


The churches and old town areas, the chocolate factories and museums, the fishing port to watch the days catch arrive and the spectacular casinos at night.  However, you could simply relax on the beach.

Dining Options

There are a large number of dining options along the sea front which serve all kinds of cuisines that you heart desires, be it French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, so perhaps go on a gastronomic cruise, while staying at one place. There are also plenty of chocolate bars/café for the chocoholics amongst us, where you feel that you have just died and gone straight to the heaven.

While you are in Villajyosa for an amazing holiday and looking for accommodations, forget not to check out the Villajoyosa travel guide to have better ideas and eventually make the most of your holiday in Villajoyosa.


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